If you have an accident that involves a car and caused personal injury you need a Road Accident Attorney (עורך דין תאונות דרכים)

Violations of the laws can be paid dearly, in any field, breaches of contracts unjustifiably, car accidents with damages to third parties, medical negligence, sexual harassment, defamation or any other injury that a person may be a victim of.
Anyone who suffers injuries of any kind, can be physical, moral or mental because of accidents or violations of laws must submit claims for damages through an Advocate Lawyer, or a civil liability attorney or any other as warranted, the important thing is that they are specialist lawyers with enough experience and knowledge so that their chances of success are greater.

For each type of grievance you must have lawyers specialized in the area required, that is, if someone degrades or hurts another person through the use of words causing emotional damage or your reputation can be classified as defamation, you would need a Defamation Lawyer.
If you have an accident in which a car is involved and caused bodily injury such as death, injury, physical or mental disability among others, you need a Road Accident Attorney
Not only people can cause damage, so do insurance companies when they fail without reason with health, life, disability or any other insurance policy seriously affecting people, not wanting to make the insurance payments or evading responsibilities, you need the best Insurance Lawyer.
At Keren Friedman Har-Lev & Co. we have an excellent group of lawyers specialized in any field required by both Road Accident Attorney and a wide range of top notary and legal services, as well as the support of Attorney Nizik and his law firm who are trustees of the clients and are determined to obtain the best compensation payments and protect their rights.
If you need to make an insurance claim, for damages, expert lawyers in road accidents or any other do not hesitate to contact us through our website https://www.kerenlaw.co.il.
Click here to get more information about Attorney Nezikin (עו”ד נזיקין).

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