The most experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney (עורך דין רשלנות רפואית) is available to the clientele in Tel Aviv, to address everything related to Medical Malpractice ( רשלנות רפואית )

Sometimes a medical procedure is performed, the result of which is not very satisfactory for the recipient. This has serious consequences, such as scars, because other ailments worsen the health of the patient and in many cases, even lead to death.

That is why you must determine if the treatments you received were the correct ones and if they were the most appropriate to treat the symptoms. To fulfill this task, there are experts in Medical Malpractice ( רשלנות רפואית ) who do an exhaustive investigation to verify the facts and the results.
Ahuva Ticho is the most competent Malpractice Attorney Tel Aviv (עורך דין רשלנות רפואית), for more than three decades. The proven experience of his team of professionals has given him the confidence to be the best in the detection of a Medical Malpractice ( רשלנות רפואית )
In order to carry out an in-depth investigation, its expert lawyers focus on gathering all the necessary evidence, such as medical reports, examinations and all kinds of records of the patient’s illness, to make a correct follow-up of the decisions that were taken by the specialists.
Likewise, questions are asked of the medical personnel involved, to organize the information and to conclude if there was an oversight in the way of treating the symptoms of the patient. Legal decisions are made according to the origin of the surgery, with different sanctions, if it is an operation to save the patient’s life or an aesthetic intervention (plastic surgery).
The most common situations dealt with by the Ahuva Ticho Medical Malpractice Attorney (עורך דין רשלנות רפואית) are those related to orthopedic, spinal, maxillofacial, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and those related to bariatric surgeries.
Negligence in the period of pregnancy and at the time of birth is also taken care of, everything related to complications in surgery and diagnosis, as well as the results of these practices.
It is evaluated, from the time the first diagnosis was made to the conditions in which the operative process was performed, the medical personnel who intervened, the treatment that was provided to the patient and the antecedents of the disease.

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